What is all the fuss about? Find a stick on a walk, bring it home, leave it in garden for a couple of days to soften up in the rain, then take it into the lounge to chew in front of the fire. Seems like a perfect plan for a dog. It’s not my fault someone picked a cream carpet! Surprising how good Dad is with the Dyson when Mum is out!!

It was Dad’s birthday this week so he had a couple of extra days at home. The traditional trip to the pub followed and I helped finish off any unloved chips and anything that’s made it’s way to the floor. Love going to the pub!

Went to visit my little mate Denis this week. He’s 7 months old so still a puppy and gets very excited when we call in for a cuppa. His tail is not under full control and has been known to cause an accident or two! I try and play it cool to teach Denis how to behave when he has guests but he isn’t getting the message yet. He will coz’ he’s a clever little man.

Hope you have a good week. See you next time!

Love & licks,

Darcy x