Riding in my car!

Don’t know why I’m made to walk everywhere – the car is the place to be. Things rush by, the wind pins back my ears and rushes up my nose. Went to a garden centre today. Was stroked and fussed over by lots of people. Had some cake in the cafe and managed to gobble down some horse manure as we left. Excellent day out.

See you next time.
Love n licks
Darcy x

Mystery solved…!

I’ve been very worried about Ollie the Owl since last week’s discovery that he had gone missing.

And then I remembered…., he went home with ‘cousin’ Luna at Christmas, after the “accident”. Well, she dared me to bite his wing off, so I did. After that he wouldn’t have anything to do with me and went everywhere with Luna. He even slept in her bed!

So now he’s living happily on the south coast and Luna looks after him. (She sent me photo). I do miss him, but I can’t blame him for wanting to go home with Luna. I hope he will still be OK with me when I go to visit.

By the way… the wing reappeared a few days later when I was sick at 5.30am!!

See you next time.
Love n licks
Darcy x

My toy box…

It’s been a miserable rainy day, so thought I’d do a stock check on my toy box. Upon closer examination various tails, ears, noses, legs and wings are missing, but then I’ve noticed that a whole toy has gone…. Ollie the Owl is missing!

Gerry the giraffe
Sally the seal
Cyril the squirrel
Godfrey the goose
Winston the walrus
Gracie the grouse
Stanley the stoat
Filip the fox
The pheasant
Bottle dog
Ronnie the reindeer
The squeaky quarter pounder
Mini space hopper
2 x well chewed nylabones
2 x gnawed deer antlers

What’s in your toy box?

Love n licks
Darcy x

Darcy’s Diary w/c 13th January 2014

It’s been a busy week with lots of old friends, and a few new ones. I’ve been in a bit of trouble with Mum and soaking wet with Dad, but as always I’ve had loads of fun.

On Tuesday Nell came to visit. Nell is my bestest friend in the whole world. She is 6, like me, and we first met at puppy class and have been friends ever since. Nell is a chocolate Springer/Labrador cross. She is chocolate brown and looks a bit like a short version of me. When we get together we always have a lot of fun playing and I’m sure I will talk a lot about Nell in the future.

We’ve had lots of rain this week. Nell loves water! I’m not so keen, but I don’t mind running through shallow water with Nell. This weeks photo is the two of us playing in stream with a stick. I hope you like it!

Thursday was “naughty boy” day. I was walking with Mum in some nice gardens not far from home. We go here a lot at the moment because the fields are so wet and the gardens have nice stone paths to walk on. It was ok but I was a bit bored so I decided to climb up a bank and have a look over the other side. Mum called me to come back but I didn’t listen and stayed at the top to have a chat with some new friends! When Mum couldn’t see me and heard the sheep talking to me she got a bit worried and climbed up the bank after me.

OOPS! Mum has only got 2 legs, not 4 like me, and lost her footing… she slipped all the way down to the bottom, on her bottom! I thought this was a new game so I ran down the bank and started running in circles and digging because I was so excited. Then I realised Mum had hurt herself and was upset with me. I sat down next to her and she called my Dad on her mobile to tell him what had happened. I was put back on my lead and we went home. It was a quiet walk home!

Saturday is usually big walk day with Dad and this week was no different. We set off over the hills and about half way on our walk I met a new friend called Milly. She was just like Nell but she was black. We were having a nice play in the woods when the rain started. We had about an hour walk home in the pouring rain! Once I realised we were both soaked through I thought I might as well enjoy myself and splashed about in the mud and puddles!

In the evening we went to Auntie Penny’s house. I love Auntie Penny. She was my teacher at puppy school and taught me lots of things that Mum says make me a lovely boy! Auntie Penny has her own dogs, 4 of them. Ronnie is Whippet and I’ve known him all my life. He’s pretty cool and doesn’t get involved in all the madness going on around him. Dougie is a Springer Spaniel and I met him at puppy class. He’s always a bit grumpy and growls at me. I don’t take a lot of notice of his grumpy side and always want to play with him. Dougie has a younger brother and sister, Basil and Winnie. They are both full on and far too excitable for me so I keep out of their way when I can.

That’s all for this week. See you next time.
Love n’ licks
Darcy x