Darcy’s Diary w/c 10th February 2014

How is a dog supposed to celebrate Valentines day? This was weighing on my mind early in the week when all of a sudden my valentine, Nell, came dashing down the garden path and burst into the kitchen. Wow!! No one told me Nell was coming to visit. I knew she was on holiday staying at Obi’s house and I was really worried that she wouldn’t get my card but now it didn’t matter coz she was here. Obi is a black Labrador and he’s sort of related to Nell. What a great afternoon we had. We all went for a walk in the wind and the rain across the fields, splashing in the puddles and running through the mud. Not quite sure why but Mum kept saying “Oh, you filthy dogs”.

When we got home we all had a play in the kitchen and had a biscuit before Nell and Obi went home leaving me to have a sleep in front of the fire while Mum mopped the floor. What a great day!

We’ve had loads more rain and wind this week, until today. I woke up to a cold and frosty morning, I love rolling in frosty grass, and the sun has been shining all day, I even managed an hour in the sun having a snooze this afternoon! Let’s hope this is the start of things to come.

Hope you have and good week, and see you next time!

Love n licks
Darcy x