Darcy’s Diary w/c 20th January 2014

I’ve had a quiet few days after all the excitement of last week. The weather hasn’t helped, it seems to be raining everyday which has meant wet and muddy walks and washing before I can go back inside. But I’m quite lucky as some of my Somerset friends are stuck in their houses due to all the flooding.

I’ve been working with Mum on the new product range. We’ve got some new fabric samples and I’ve been picking out my favourites. I always pick red fabrics ‘coz that’s my favourite colour. Have a look at my photo and tell me which fabrics you would like to see in the next “Inspired by Darcy” range which I hope will be ready in the Spring.

We’ve also got some new products on the sewing table. I’ve been having a tug of war with Dad with one of the new sample oven gloves. They’re pretty tough, we were playing for ages before Mum told us both off for being naughty boys.

Hope you have a good week, see you next time!

Love n’ licks,

Darcy x