Darcy’s diary w/c 3rd February 2014

What a wet week…. Somerset is usually one of the best places to live. Lots of great walks, hills, woods, riverside and even the coast, either on the beach or the cliff tops. Over the last few weeks the walks haven’t been as much fun. There’s just too much water and mud even for me and my doggy pals. But most of us are lucky, we can still come home and have a good clean down and dry by the fire. Some of my other friends like the sheep and cows, have had their fields flooded now since Christmas and I just don’t know what they’re going to do!

We are all looking forward to some spring weather. I’ve decided the best way to spend stormy days is to take control of the sofa for the day and dream of what’s to come in a few weeks…. Maybe I can find some nice smelly badger or fox poo to have a good roll in! Always guaranteed to get me chased around the field by Mum shouting “You dirty smelly boy”. She tries to catch me, but let’s be honest, she hasn’t got a chance unless she brings out some treats to coax me back!

Hope you have a good week, see you next time!

Love n licks
Darcy x

PS. Don’t forget its Valentines Day on Friday…. I just hope my girlfriend, Nell, remembers!